Budgeting your wedding!

That has to be the toughest part about planning any wedding! You have to set a number of how much you are willing to spend on your wedding. 

There are variety of options for financing today’s weddings.

  • It could be a shared cost between the sets of parents
  • Could be shared 3 ways between the parents paying a portion and the couple paying the rest
  • Or could be fully covered by the couple. 

Things are changing very quickly. 30 years ago it was a normal tradition for the bride’s side to host the wedding fully.  Little by little, traditions are adjusting to the new reality of working together for everyone’s happiness. 

Going back to my wedding day, oh Gosh! We’ve had only 2 1/2 month from the time we got engaged to our wedding day. There was a lot to be done, and as you would say everything is the last minute. It was up to me and my now spouse to pay for the whole wedding. We didn’t have much saved up, but with a budget of $5,000 and 140 wedding attendants, we have made it work. Luckily I’ve had a lot great connections who have helped me out. I was second shooting for a Wedding Photographer at the time, instead of getting paid for the weddings I’ve shot for him, it all went towards him shooting my wedding. Basically I’ve saved money on a photographer. 

Instead of getting a DJ, I found a jazz band with a lead singer that was starting out, costing only $250. Those guys did so great! 

As in for the venue, we have rented out a community center close by the Chapel for just $500!!! What a steal! It was a big room that fit 15 round tables and accommodated 140 guests plus the Bridal Party, plus had a kitchen and a separate room where I had tables with food set up. The same community center provided us with all of the tables and chairs and put them up the night before. 

The most highest cost was of coarse the catering. With the cost a little over $2,800, which is $18 a plate if you count in all the guests,vendors and the Bridal party. It’s not that bad, comparing to $30 a plate. 

Getting a videographer was the last thing I have booked, which was only 2 weeks before the wedding. As he was starting out, he was able to provide us with the RAW footage from the wedding so we could edit the video our selves. Took me about 6 months to get to the wedding video and another 2 months of creating it. Leaving it to a professional would be a better decision. It’s not a common practice for a professional to provide RAW material to clients and I defiantly don’t practice it in my business. 

We were able to save money on the wedding and have an awesome honeymoon! Where we didn’t have to limit our selves on anything. We’ve spent a wonderful week in the heart of Cancun, the an all-inclusive haha. The beautiful resort with drinks, food and cleaning services available to you 24/7. 


My advice ot you is to cheap out on the wedding as much as possible, have it be very intimate rather than having it cost you $30,000 you may not be able to afford and live with your parents.

It's far better to save up that money for a house down payment/ your rental payments or your honeymoon.

Invest into your family, rather than paying for someone's plate of food.
the chances are that no matter how nice of a wedding you'll play out, they'll forget it within a week.
don't believe me?
ask someone you know about the last wedding they have attended.

So how to set up a correct budget?

Step One: Do your homework, not just guesstimating. 

You need to write down all the things you wish to have at the wedding, such as a wedding cake, special decoration pieces like real flowers or it could be jars with candles, table favors for the guests, which may be important to you. 

Step Two: Get on the phone with at least 2 vendors of each category to have a chat about their prices. 

Depending on the area where you will be having your wedding, the prices may vary. The suggested prices by the vendors you reach out to will help you estimate and create a good working budget. 

Step Three: Set up two budgets

The first budget is what you will be spending on your gown, veil, shoes, and your groom’s attire. Depending on your wedding and your budget, you may or may not be getting groom’s men and your bride’s maids attire. Don’t forget about getting your hair, makeup and your nails done! 

The second budget will include the Ceremony, Reception, Catering, Music and Flowers.