So what are some things you need to know to plan your Big Day?

It all begins with that moment the ring gets slipped onto your finger, maybe a complete surprise or could be expected. The initial reaction is followed by excitement. 

I will talk about some things you should take into consideration in order for your Big day to be as smooth as possible!  

Congratulations! Now you are engaged.

Your engagement is a life changing event! It has a great effect on all of your relationships, especially those that matter the most to you. 

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Avoid sharing the news on on social media, before you share with your parents.

It may seem obvious, but your family is the most important in life! It will go a long way

Try to avoid making immediate decisions about who will be a part of your wedding party. Too many friendships go off rail because of the impulsive choices. It’s not unusual for couples who have been married for 10+ years to have lost touch with their wedding attendants and even remember their names. 

Avoid making immediate decisions

Keep workplace professional

Some employers keep a close eye on how much time you spend during work hours on weddign planning. How many discussions you are having about your upcomig Big Day  with other staff members. They may think you are putting your career off to a side. 

Let's get to know each other

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