Forever After Images: wedding and Family Photographer in Bend, Oregon

Working with the wonderful family of Jenna has been an absolute joy, transcending the realm of professional collaboration to the realm of genuine friendship. From the very start, the connection was instantaneous, and it’s been heartening to witness the bond between Jenna, her children, and the enchanting world of balloons she brings to life. Jenna, with her successful business in Central Oregon, has a unique talent for turning celebrations into pure magic through her expertise in balloon artistry. Capturing moments of sheer joy with her and her kids amidst a backdrop of vibrant balloons was a delightful experience. The genuine happiness and love that emanate from this family make every frame a testament to the beauty of shared moments and the warmth of their connection. I feel fortunate to have not only worked with such a talented individual but to have forged a lasting friendship in the process.


Location: Smith Rock, Terrebonne OR 

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