Forever After Images: wedding and Family Photographer in Bend, Oregon

Photographing the heartfelt family reunion that served as a celebration of life for their beloved grandmother was a profoundly moving experience. With a total of 44 family members gathered, the air was filled with love, laughter, and shared memories that spanned generations. I endeavored to not only capture the collective joy but also to preserve the individual essence of each family unit. From grandparents to little ones, my goal was to immortalize the unique connections that define this expansive family tapestry. As we navigated through capturing each family individually, the session became a visual narrative of shared stories and the enduring bonds that make this family so extraordinary. It’s a privilege to document these moments, ensuring that the spirit of their grandmother lives on through the laughter and unity shared by every member of this remarkable family.


Location: Black Butte Ranch, Sister’s Oregon 

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