Hello there, my name is Anna Tsvyetkov. I am a very passionate photographer who specializes in weddings and portraits. I grew up in Ukraine a city called Sevastopol, a very beautiful nature and the Black Sea was just a short walk away from my house. Now I reside in the Pacific Northwest in a beautiful town called Redmond Oregon.

For me, photography is about connecting with people and capturing them in a way that they have never seen themselves before. Storytelling through art and getting to work with amazing couples who are in love, and families who just want to be in the moment is a great honor. 

Capturing people’s most important moments in life and seeing their genuine reactions makes me say that this is my career.

how did
Forever After Images

 As a kid I wanted to be a model and have worked with different modeling agencies since the age 14.  I have always wanted to look better for the camera. Have brought my modeling experience to my friends and have loved taking photos ever since. 

In 2013 I started to photographing weddings with an established photographer and have completely fell in love with photography. 

In 2016 I have decided to start my own Photography Business that inherited my name Anna Tsvyetkov Photography. 

When I was coming up with the name of my business, I wanted it to reflect me, my desire and my passion. Forever After Images has been made official,  I want the photos to last Forever for you and your family! I am here to make beautiful memories for people, create everlasting portraits. 
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